You are not as fragile as you seem.

The strength we have, the strength you will have as you get through some of the biggest struggles in your life will be the most rewarding thing as you recover. Your voice will be shaky, your hands will continue to move, your voice will crack, and your eyes will begin to flood with warm tears as you bring up your past, the past you’ve kept inside for only your heart to hold the wounds behind your heavy chest. It’s time to let your heart breathe, let your mind breathe, let your words flow from your lips and drop to the floor, let them be heard. Let them settle, let them settle to the bottom, learn to let them go. Say it out loud right now, with me, say it for yourself. Even if you’re in an empty room alone with your thoughts, I want you to say this out loud…

I am not alone, this is not my fault, I am not to blame for what was done to me, this does not define who I am. I am a strong person, I will get through this, I will be heard, I will not give up. I am a survivor, I am here, I am loved.

Whenever you doubt yourself or you begin to question if it really was your fault or If it was your outfit that made them want to hurt you, I want you to repeat the words above. I want you to repeat the words until you realize again that you’re not to blame, you’re strong. It is completely normal to have these feelings, these doubts but deep down your heart knows better. 

It is OK to let the pain come out, it’s OK to let the bottle overflow. It’s time to let the pain out, the tears flow. It’s time to let the story fall into the right hands. You have support, you have support from every single victim and every single survivor. We are a community, a large community, we have all been through this, our stories might all be different but our pain is all the same. We were hurt, we were damaged, we felt lost, disconnected, we all had no where to go, no where to run, some of us still feel this way but we will find ourselves again, I can promise you that.

Never give up. 

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